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Singing Waiters

Everyone loves a great surprise. One that really seizes the moment and makes something magical and memorable.

At Bravo Singing Waiters we cater for all occasions, it’s exactly what we do. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, christmas party, award ceremony, birthday party, a house party, whatever the event is – we want to help you celebrate. If it’s 1, 2 or 3 singing waiters we’ll provide that energy that really gets everyone involved and ready for the celebrations ahead. We have been so lucky to have performed at thousands of events across the UK from the biggest Christmas parties with over a thousand people celebrating the most wonderful time of the year to people’s front rooms of just two guests!! No event is too big or too small and nothing less than 100% will be given. 

Our award winning team of professional singers have been performing as surprise entertainers for almost 20 years with well over 30 years experience between them on making amazing and unforgettable memories. We are the ultimate secret singing waiters experience.


What do our singing waiters do?

Our team arrive a couple of hours before your event starts and set up our PA system. dressed as the venue’s waiting staff, we’ll wait for the guests to arrive. Blending seamlessly and going undercover with the venue we will help serve; welcome drinks, canapes and throughout the meal. Making ourselves visible through the event, getting to know the guests as the time goes on, so when we do start the surprise is huge. The looks on everyone’s faces is priceless. Right from the start we are fully interactive. Your entertainers will have everyone on their feet and won’t let them sit down until we have finished! Whether it’s pop, opera or ratpack, our singing waiters are guaranteed to get your party started.

We’ll get in touch with the venue to arrange everything from timings to uniforms so you don’t have to. You’ve an event to organise after all – there’s probably a million and one things going on.


Why hire singing waiters?

Singing waiters is such a great way of getting the energy back in to the room after a drinks reception of a glass of prosecco or two, a big meal and speeches or awards. Just when the energy is about to drop and people feel a little lethargic, that is when singing waiters come in to their own.


Where in the UK will Bravo Singing Waiters travel?

Bravo Singing Waiters have been surprising all over the UK including in Bristol, Exeter, Cardiff, Devon, Swansea, Manchester, Liverpool, South Wales, North Somerset, Somerset, Bournemouth, Gloucester, London, Birmingham, Essex, Plymouth, Glasgow, London, Wales, North East, North West. We can also travel for international events.

No matter your location, please get in touch to see if we can help.


Why choose Bravo Singing Waiters?

Bravo Singing Waiters are an original, multi award winning brand with well over 30 years experience between our singers. Whether its a wedding, Christmas or birthday party, award ceremony or corporate event, we will add that little extra to your party by surprising your guests, making it the most talked about part of your event. People will talk about it for a very long time. It’s that one thing that will make your event stand out, memorable. We’ll bring the party to you.

We are very happy to say that we are on the recommended suppliers lists of venues up and down the country.

Our team of professional singers have been entertaining at events for over 20 years, and our customer reviews show our passion for what we do from the first contact to the last song. Check out our videos and photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Steve was an absolute highlight at our wedding as our secret singing waiter, and we couldn’t be happier with his performance. From the moment he started, he captivated our guests with his engaging and fun presence. His surprise performances were a delightful addition, and he effortlessly brought an element of excitement and joy to our celebration.

Our guests were absolutely thrilled by Steve’s talent and charisma. He had everyone laughing, singing along, and dancing. One of my favourite moments of the day was the conga, seeing everyone smiling and having the best time. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with many people describing his performance as epic and a standout moment of the day.

Steve’s ability to blend seamlessly into the event while delivering such a memorable experience was truly impressive. He brought an incredible amount of fun and energy, making our wedding day even more special and unforgettable.

We highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to add a unique and entertaining touch to their event. His talent, enthusiasm, and ability to engage with the audience are unmatched. Thank you, Steve, for bringing so much fun and joy to our wedding and for making it a day to remember!

Alaina & Aled

Steve made himself available at any time during our wedding planning process, we never felt pushed into spending more or pressured into securing him as our supplier. He has a brilliant way about him, so friendly and happy to talk with you, like he’s known you for years! On our wedding day itself, my husband and I were so happy to see him but had to keep the secret to ourselves, he blended in perfectly and none of our guests knew any different. He had everybody fooled until he started to sing and oh goodness did he put on a show! He had everybody on their feet dancing singing and having the most amazing time – even my husbands 80 year old nanna! Speaking on behalf of myself and my husband he was easily one of the best suppliers we booked on our wedding day! Thank you so much Steve!

Nikki and Alex

Big thanks for the team on Saturday – they were not only superb and complete stars performing the routine, but their professionalism as waiters/waitresses, sommeliers and general authority on etiquette and service was a marvel, and a huge asset. They put in a good 5 hour shift before even starting to sing – Bravo!


Little Berwyn

Waw!! Waw!! Waw!! I don’t know where to start. What an amazing addition to our day. You guys were spectacular and so many people are still talking about it. It was perfect. I think the adaptation due to covid suited our gang perfectly.

I knew that you were doing it and even had a shock when you fell. We are still laughing at the reactions of everyone.  Please pass on my thanks to the team and again, thank you so much for being the best addition to our day.