bravo singing

Singing police officers

Dressed in full, authentic police uniforms.

We will work with you to create the ultimate scenario for that unsuspecting guest, inlaws (and outlaws) before bursting into song to really get the party started. We’ll make sure we are set up and out of sight of the guests, ready to pounce at the best moment. After the initial confusion, it’ll be clear the real reason we’re there. We like to keep it all light hearted. You give us as much info as you can and our singing police will do the rest. We’ve worked with clients to come up with some amazing scenarios so don’t feel limited!!


What do our singing police do?

Our uniformed singing officers will turn up at your event posing as real police officers. After waiting for the perfect moment, we’ll pounce on your unsuspecting guests with one thing in mind – to get the party started, and when we’re finished you’ll certainly need ‘a-rest’! (sorry!)


Why choose Bravo for singing police?

Professional actors disguised as police officers, guaranteed to surprise your guests. Dressed in full authentic police uniform, so real we are often seen in TV dramas on BBC, ITV and other major networks. Our team comprise of award winning, singing entertainers.


Well what can I say! Steve and Tim were absolutely amazing at our wedding on Sunday. I booked with Steve 3 years ago for our wedding as a surprise for my husband and his best man, I didn’t have the singing waiters I opted for singing Policemen. They certainly surprised our guests. Having two policemen turn up to your wedding to arrest one of your best men was hilarious. I don’t think I’ll ever be forgiven for that, but it was so000 worth it. Steve and Tim certainly got the party started. Everyone was on their feet and standing on chairs. A fantastic way to start the evening off. I really can’t thank you enough. Everyone was so surprised and said what a fantastic idea. If you ever think of doing this please go for it. You will not regret it! Thank you Steve and Tim for being a part of our day.

Mr and Mrs Watts